Number Porting

We have number porting covered

There is no need for customers to leave existing phone numbers or DDIs behind when changing Telephone system or relocating office. PBX Hosting Porting agreements make the process seamless.
Porting numbers need not been a painful process, we have porting agreements with many UK number providers and are adding more all the time.

PBX Hosting is able to use its direct relationships with other carriers to help provide number portability to your customers. We have arrangements to port both UK wide geographic and non geographic area codes, allowing your customers to keep their existing number when they move their service to you.

Having worked closely with the network operators, PBX Hosting is able to manage a simple porting process that will migrate customers to your service with minimum cost and disruption. Our experience of porting ranges from simple residential telephone lines to complex multi-number switchboards.

Unlimited Incoming Calls

We do not charge for incoming calls on any number hosted or ported to us, this means you can abolish the need for expensive line rentals and cope with peaks and troughs in call traffic without reaching capacity and dropping calls.

Our Current Porting Arrangements

C&W Vodafone UK
COLT Technology Services
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd
Inclarity plc
KCom (Affiniti)
Magrathea Telecommunications
Simwood eSMS
TalkTalk Communications Limited
Verizon UK Ltd
Virgin Media Wholesale Limited
Vodafone (Energis)
X-On (Storacall)
C&W Vodafone (Energis)
Eurobell (Holdings) Limited
Global Crossing (UK) Ltd
MDNX Enterprise Services Limit
Spitfire Network Services Ltd
Telephony Services
Thus Plc
Virgin Media Business Limited
Voxbone SA
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