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Law Firm Phone Systems

If you need to update your law firm’s phone system, then you’ve come to the right place. PBX Hosting can offer you the perfect all-in-one solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Your clients come to you expecting a top-level service, and it can be tough to meet their expectations unless you own a modern legal phone system. Our legal phone systems are an extremely cost-effective solution compared to traditional law firm phone systems. No matter whether you choose our Pro or Enterprise PBX, you can gain access to a multitude of features that will help you effortlessly run communications.


You can utilise the following features when you choose our Law Firm Phone System:

  • Instant call recording
  • Faxing from anywhere
  • Enhanced conference calling for when it’s not practical to meet face to face
  • Call forwarding to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, computers and desk phones
  • Office 365 Integration
  • CRM Integration

It’s important to have a presence, even if you’re not located in the office. With our law firm phone system, you can access important messages and faxes no matter whether you’re in court, on the road or even at home. The phone system in your law firm should be a low maintenance, high functioning communication hub to meet the high demands of your industry. With a hosted PBX, all the setup is taken care of for you. This results in a convenient and cost-efficient law firm phone system.

Similar to our 3CX package, we offer a Unified Communications (UC) platform which is perfect for law firms. This will allow you to utilise CRM integration as well as Office 365 Integration which should be a staple in every office.

Instant call recording

At the single tap of a button, you can record a vital moment in your conversation. Our law firm phone systems feature instant call recording to ensure that allow you capture all calls while also remaining compliant with industry regulations. This is an extremely powerful feature that can help you use your phone system to its full capability. We use Oreka TR which is a full-featured call recording solution that is affordable and easy to use.

Cloud based legal phone systems

By switching to a cloud-based legal phone system, your office’s and your clients’ personal data can be stored securely while still being accessible to agents. Having a straightforward way of inputting client data will eliminate the need for clients to repeat themselves over and over.


Enhanced conference calling

When it’s not practical to meet a client face to face, you can connect with each other online for real time sharing and collaboration. Our law firm phone systems make it easy to join conference calls and collaborate at a moment’s notice. Transform the way you communicate and collaborate within your law firm by hosting meetings online.

Office 365 integration

We can offer you a seamless and fully comprehensive Office 365 integration. This means that all your contacts and statuses are synched in real time, with server-level integration supporting every level of Office 365 subscription. What’s more, you can enjoy constant uptime – meaning you’ll never miss a crucial call due to downtime.

CRM integration

We’re currently at the pinnacle of phone system CRM integration and it’s a great tool to use in your law firm. Access crucial client and stakeholder communication records at the click of a button. Our law firm phone systems feature straightforward but effective tools to use within your office.

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