Call Centre Phone System

At PBX Hosting, we offer an advanced Unified Communications solution specifically for the call centre sector. Our call centre phone system offers your agents the means to provide a seamless customer experience and maximises agent productivity. Our 3CX call centre phone system allows you to manage customer accounts, offer support, close sales and assist your agents. This state of the art solution includes features such as CRM integration, Wallboards, Call Reporting, Call Statistics, Smart Queues and much more. Call centre managers and agents alike will be able to track the customer journey in real time in order to provide effective, efficient responses.

Maximise your performance with our 3CX call centre phone system

Our 3CX call centre phone system offers complete extension mobility, allowing all team members to work at their desk, from home or even in transit. With a wide range of softphone options available as a Smartphone Client, you can take calls through Widows/ Mac applications or WebRTC. With our failover options, you can transform the way you manage your queues. If a customer waits over your SLA, you can transfer them to another queue, extension, voicemail or external call answering service.
Our features provide call centre managers with the information they need at their fingertips:

Real time queue monitoring – View how many customers are queuing and how many agents are busy via the switchboard
Agent Status – View how many agents you have logged into the queue and their current availability
SLAs – Receive alerts when a customer has been waiting in a queue longer than the specified SLA
Call Backs – Offer customers the option of receiving a call back from one of your agents rather than waiting in the queue. It will preserve their position in the queue and the supervisor will receive an alert if a call back fails.

Crystal clear call quality

Ensure that your customers benefit from excellent service and that your agents accomplish their objectives. Our contact centre phone systems allow for different strategies and guarantee that no customer leaves your call centre with their issue unresolved. Utilise powerful tools that permit you to review agent performance as well as  providing coaching and assistance when required.

Polling Strategies – Log agents in and out of the queues and ring through to agents using a variety of polling algorithms. From Ring All to Skill Based Routing, you can create an environment which serves your customers the best.
Wait and talk times – Monitor wait times and average talk times from the Switchboard or Wallboard.
Review performance and training – Check agent call stats including talk time and calls answered. Features such as Barge/ Listen/ Whisper allow monitoring and intervention when necessary. ‘Listen’ allows supervisors to listen in on agents’ conversations; ‘Whisper’ allows for discreet advice; and, with ‘Barge’ join in the conversation when an agent is in trouble.
Call Statistics – Automated reports allow you to schedule reports based on the metrics that you want to report on. Reports will be emailed to all nominated recipients on a periodic basis which you choose. If you need to create a specific report then just log into the management console and produce one on the fly.  

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