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Fair and Acceptable Use Policy

Call Bundle’s

Any reference to a ‘call bundle’ or ‘call package’ shall be limited to dial codes listed within PBX Hosting’s accepted bundled dial codes list (available upon request). Any dial code called outside of this list will be charged at your standard pence per minute rate. The bundles will also have an agreed maximum limit of time usage per month, usually, in minutes per month, any usage over this will be charged at your standard rate.  

Nuisance Calls

No customer shall use PBX Hosting’s services to make nuisance calls. This may include, but is not limited to; Silent calls, abandoned calls, abusive calls, hoax calls, and pestering. Users shall not use PBX Hosting’s services to engage in activity that interferes or disrupts service to another user. To deter nuisance calls there will be a minimum deduction from your call bundle allowance of 1 minute per call. After the first minute, you will be deducted in 1/10th of minute increments.  

Illegal Activities

PBX Hosting’s services must not be used for anything illegal or unlawful. This includes, but is not limited to; promoting criminal activities, promoting terrorism, impersonating or misrepresenting who you are (including caller ID), breaching any codes, licenses, or other regulations that apply to our services.  

Use of Service

By using our services, you shall (and shall ensure that your Customers):
  1. Do not allow an alternative supplier (or any third party) to override or bypass our Services either through the installation of equipment or through any network provider during the Term of the Agreement
  2. Do not use the Services in any way we reasonably consider is, or is likely to be detrimental, to the provision of the Services to you or to your Customers or to services we provide to any other PBX Hosting customers
  3. Be responsible for any engineering reprogramming costs, cessation fee and/or equipment removal costs that may be required to terminate the Service of your Customers’ previous supplier(s).
  4. Not use our services for any purposes other than the genuine use of our Services PBX Hosting reserves the right to restrict or suspend services at any time should these rules be violated. In more serious cases services may be terminated immediately without refund.

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