3CX Enterprise VOIP Systems

Enjoy maximum telephony uptimes with cutting-edge enterprise phone systems from 3CX

If your business demands maximum uptime on its telecommunications, then the 3CX Enterprise Edition is the right choice for you. 3CX Enterprise guarantees that, in the event of a primary server or data centre failure, your communications are diverted to a standby. This could be a secondary server or secondary geographical datacentre.

3CX’s VoIP enterprise solution combined with our robust network ensures that you will never lose a minute of productivity to telephony downtime.

Our network utilises the latest technology to offer a fully resilient failover solution based across 2 datacentres. This means that, in the unlikely event that your primary server goes down, you will have a dedicated backup elsewhere in the UK. It will still be powered on and able to restore your services. These backup servers are monitored 24 hours a day by our devoted support team.

The automatic Failover feature in 3CX Enterprise creates a standby replica of your system for you. This is either located at our primary data centre in Telehouse, London Docklands, or at an entirely geographically separate data centre for ultimate disaster recovery. This means that, if your PBX fails, your replica will become active. As a result, this enterprise phone system maximises your uptime and helps you avoid expensive call disruptions.
How it works

3CX uses an active – passive approach using built-in configuration replication. The active – passive approach works in the following way.

  • Active Host – processes calls and presence information
  • Passive host – monitors the active host.In case of a failure of the active host

(independent of application, OS or hardware failure), the passive host stops its monitoring role and takes over as the active host.

The passive host’s configuration determines the state in which the active host is declared failed in order to initiate the failover switch.

3CX Enterprise for call centres

For many organisations their call centre is a crucial aspect of their business. It can be a front door for the customer and an effective method for collecting revenue. By combining 3CX enterprise with our call recording software and Semafone PCI payment processing you can ensure that your call centre is the most efficient and compliant in the industry without the burden of huge PCI auditing checks. 3CX Enterprise for call centres also provides reassurance that your call centre will be online even in the event of a PBX failure.

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