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PBX SIP Trunking Services

SIP trunking adoption is fast growing in the UK as business seek to improve reliability and lower the cost of comms services. SIP can offer a lower cost and more flexible solution to traditional ISDN voice calls.

Our SIP trunks offer a highly cost effective solution per channel compared to ISDN and can be used with a wide range of on-site PBX or 3rd party IP PBX systems. Business are immediately able to benefit from our SIP trunking service with lower call costs and higher flexibility.

Standard features of our SIP trunking service include fraud detection, credit alerting via email & SMS along with monthly CDRs and simple deployment.

Benefits of our SIP trunking service

Diverse Carriers

PBX Hosting utilises provider independent SIP termination so we are not dependent on any one provider to terminate your calls. In the event of a carrier failure our gateways will automatically route calls through remaining carriers to ensure continuity of service

Flexible Connectivity

All our gateways are fully resilient, and we can accommodate either IP authentication or SIP registration if you prefer. Connecting to us is simple and we support all devices that are capable of using the SIP protocol.

Competitive Pricing

We are constantly monitoring all our carriers’ rate cards to ensure we provide the most cost effective rates, however, call quality is at the heart of our operation and we try to ensure the highest call quality and highest percentage of successful call connects. Call us now and speak to one of our experienced sales people who will ensure you get the best tariff for your call volume.

Resilient IP Network

We run our own IP network and we do not rely on transit or IP exchanges to reach our carriers. All interconnects are by diverse fibre which connect us directly ensuring a high quality, resilient service. Our Core Network is based in Telehouse, London Docklands.

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