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Hospitality Telephone Systems

Are you looking for a new hospitality phone system? PBX Hosting has the perfect solution used by thousands of businesses across the hospitality sector.

Our hosted PBX is an extremely cost-effective solution compared to traditional hospitality phone systems. With hospitality specific functions built into both 3CX Pro and 3CX Enterprise, you have access to a full set of features. 3CX will integrate with your PMS system to help increase employee productivity and ensure your PMS and Phone system are in sync.

Seamless telecoms also help you to deliver the best possible customer service in your hotel, hostel, B&B, cruise ship, food establishment, theatre and more. Guest satisfaction is at the core of succeeding in the hospitality industry, and our hospitality phone systems allow you to resolve all guest issues quickly and effectively.

Our hospitality phone system has a full-feature set specific for hospitality environments. Our 3CX solution gives you access to the following features:

  • Check in and Check out of guests (via PMS or 3CX WebClient).
  • Setting guest extensions to Do not Disturb.
  • Blocking of external calls when a room is not occupied.
  • Schedule wake up calls.
  • Allows billing of calls to rooms (via Fidelio PMS)
  • Allows housekeeping to set room status via the phone

The 3CX Hospitality Module can integrate with PMS such as Micros Fidelio, Roommaster, Hilton and more. This can be done either via a Fidelio or a Mitel compatible interface.

By integrating your Property Management System (PMS) with 3CX you are able to trigger many functions from within the PMS software whilst 3CX operates in the background. The hospitality module comes as part of the Pro and Enterprise editions of 3CX.

Wake Up Calls

Allow guests to schedule wake up calls without the receptionist’s intervention. The guest simply calls the wake up IVR service and follows the prompts to schedule a wakeup call. At the defined time the system will call the guest and play a pre-defined message once answered. Alternatively, wakeup call can be scheduled via the PMS software.


3CX can log calls from each room and calculate the costs to guests based on the configured prices within the 3CX Phone System Management Console. The system can output a configurable Call Data Record (CDR) for each call. The CDR can be sent to a separate text file (one call per text file), to a text file containing all calls, or to a TCP port. For each case, the exact format can be customised.

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