3CX V16 can help you communicate with customers faster, more effectively, so that you can win more business

As a platinum partner 3CX service provider, we can’t wait to solve your communication problems with the new 3CX V16 update. Version 16 sees 3CX take corporate communication to the next level with fully integrated innovative call centre and contact centre features. This enables customers to contact companies through their website- via chat and voice call – at no added cost to the company.

Transform your customer communications with 3CX V16 Live Chat & Talk

Customers are demanding higher service levels and, as a result, are seeking more and more ways to contact companies. 3CX V16 brings game-changing innovations to your customer communications with the Live Chat & Talk plugin. This plugin improves customer communications in a number of ways, such as:
  • Allowing a customer to simply visit your website and click to chat or voice call an agent
  • Being quick, easy and effective for the customer
  • Allowing completely free voice calls and chats
This feature is compatible with any website, which is great news for non-Wordpress users. You can add the plugin to any site – even if you have a custom CMS – using HTML or CSS.

Improve your tech communications with CRM, chat and Office 365 integration

The new 3CX update also holds exciting developments in store for your tech communications.

Seamless & full Office 365 integration

3CX V16 has a fully comprehensive Office 365 Integration. This means that all contacts and statuses are synced in real time and server-level integration supports every level of Office 365 subscription.

Comprehensive support for CRM systems

Good news for CRM diallers and call centres. Integration for CRM systems through 3CX V16 is better than it has ever been before. The update allows users to retrieve customer details from popular CRM databases, view call logs and launch calls through the CRM interface.

Enhanced corporate chat

There are also improvements to the corporate chat feature, with full support for files, images and emojis  

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