Bria Stretto for Telecoms Providers

Bria Software as a Service (SaaS) provides CounterPath’s Bria Stretto™ softphone clients and cloud-hosted Provisioning Module of the Stretto Platform™ as a subscription based solution.

Per device, per subscriber, per month

Available platforms:

Smartphone: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry 10
Tablet: iPad, Android
Desktop: Mac, Windows, Linux


Includes many familiar business features: BLF, Park, Music on Hold, Conferencing, Call Recording
Ability to enable/disable features like: Video Calls*, Messaging and Presence*, and advanced audio codecs
Automatic access to new client releases as they become available

Bria Stretto Clients

Bria Stretto™ for Desktop

Available for Mac and Windows operating systems
Open standards based
SIP based signaling for all interactive media sessions
Voice and high-definition video calls
Instant Messaging and presence (SIP SIMPLE and XMPP)
Support for voicemail with Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Security and encryption via TLS and SRTP
Firewall traversal and compliance with the latest standards (STUN, TURN & ICE)
Address book support for Microsoft Outlook® and Mac Address Book
HD audio codecs including G.722, OPUS and SILK
Royalty-bearing G.729 codec also included
LDAP/Active directory integration
USB support for plug-and-play devices

Bria Stretto™ for Smartphones and Tablets

Standards-based, VoIP softphone applications for smartphones (iPhone, Android & BlackBerry) and tablets (iPad & Android tablet) with an intuitive user interface.

Bria mobile softphones support:

Communication over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE
Call display and call history
Voicemail indicator
Multitasking support for background operation
HD audio codecs including G.722, OPUS* and SILK*
Royalty-bearing G.729 codec also included
And much more!

Additional features that can be enabled/disabled:

Video Calls* (VP8 and H.264 codecs)
Presence and Messaging* (via SIP SIMPLE and XMPP)

Bria Cloud Hosted Provisioning Module

CounterPath’s Provisioning Module of the Stretto Platform™ is a carrier-grade software solution for remote management of softphones

Provides enterprises and operators with the ability to initially configure, and manage ongoing configuration updates and upgrade SIP endpoints
Simplifies the end-user experience and optimizes IT and operations staff efficiency. When installing the client for the first time, end users download and install the client, enter login credentials, and then forget their phones are managed

Provides the ability to efficiently manage Bria Stretto™ deployments in near real-time

The Provisioning Module controls over 250 settings, including default codec selection, NAT traversal settings and keep-alive timer values
CounterPath sets this all up on the customer’s behalf

Can use different configuration templates for different subgroups of subscribers, to avoid the need for separate software builds 

Based on geographic area, or based on standard vs. premium feature packages


Initial Client Configuration

Performs the initial configuration and provisioning of the softphone clients
Configurations delivered to the client are based on the subscriber’s account and profile and template structure

Ongoing Configuration Management

Softphone clients will check for configuration changes and updates based  upon:

when softphone client is started, and/or
based on internal periodic timer

Ongoing Version Management

Users automatically receive updated versions of the softphone clients as they become available

Device Tracking and Management

Allows administrators to define limits for maximum numbers of devices per user define limits for maximum number of devices per group

Multi-Group Management

Provides provisioning group functionality that allows customers to have distinct groups of subscribers with different settings, client versions, etc.

Configuration Framework

Provides a framework for IT and operations staff to both customize and standardise softphone configurations.
Based upon a flexible structure of profiles, templates and attributes
PBX Hosting sets this up on your behalf

Enhanced Client Traces*

Administrators can provision Bria clients to send easy-to-read client logs to their system, allowing operations support staff to immediately troubleshoot softphone client issues

End-User Notifications

Operators can leverage the Provisioning Module to auto-generate emails to their end users with specific client login information

User List Download and Upload Capability 

Administrators can make bulk moves, adds or changes using a CSV file containing data for all of their users and the attributes set on a user level; they can also download CSV files for archive or editing

Multiple Interfaces

Includes the Stretto™ Admin, a web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Application Programming Interface (API)
Mature HTTP-based API enables the Provisioning Module to be readily integrated into customer’s back office systems
LDAP interface is supported for off-board authentication of subscriber’s credentials

Basic Reports

Easily review subscriber base activity with respect to softphone configuration and usage and create customized reports
Includes reports for the number of clients by platform type, version, device OS version and device type
Reports can be viewed from the Stretto™ Admin web interface or exported to a CSV file
Enables system administrators to observe system parameters
• Compare device counts to expected levels
• Check for unusual activity
Allows system administrators to observe system usage and performance

Deploying Bria SaaS

CounterPath Server Engineering team is responsible for the initial set up of the cloud-hosted Provisioning Module

CounterPath will work with customers (within reason) to adjust templates if one setup does not work for them

Smartphone and Tablet Clients

Bria Stretto™ for Mobile clients are available on iTunes, Google Play and BlackBerry App World for download

Desktop Clients

Bria Stretto™ for Desktop clients are made available thought a download link sent to the customer to distribute to their end users


Immediate mobility solution that bolts onto virtually any PBX platform out there

Easy to deploy solution with limited upfront costs 

No investment in hardware, space, power or bandwidth for provisioning using the hosted Provisioning Module
Softphones are on a subscription basis instead of purchased outright

Increase productivity with simplified operations

Administrators can manage all endpoints easily and efficiently using the hosted Provisioning Module
All upgrades, updates and changes can be rolled out to all endpoints at once or by group depending on requirements
CounterPath is responsible for posting the softphone clients on the applicable eStore (e.g. iTunes, Google Play, ), with no-cost downloads for all subscribers

Reduced operations costs

No infrastructure costs to run the Provisioning Module
Reduce operations time managing/configuring endpoints

Automatic access to new client releases as they become available, with no incremental maintenance charges

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