Having the best possible phone system for your law firm is integral to giving your clients the service that they expect.  Offering timely advice and ensuring that your clients feel listened to is key to encouraging their confidence in your services. This is especially true for keeping high-paying clients happy. Ideally, the phone system in your law firm should be a communication hub. The perfect phone system for the legal sector should channel calls, emails and instant messages through one system that is accessible via your phone, laptop or computer. The perfect phone system for your office should be low maintenance and high functioning to meet the demands of the industry. Our hosted PBX phone systems offer just that.

What are the benefits of a hosted PBX system for your law firm?

There are two kinds of PBX system: hosted PBX and self-hosted. The difference between them is that, with hosted PBX, all the hard work is taken care of. This results in the following benefits for your law firm:

It’s cost-efficient

Hosted PBX is inarguably a cost-effective communications solution. An external organisation will organise the installation, updates, training and everything else and will charge you a monthly fee to use the system. This means that you avoid the cost of installing and maintaining equipment yourself. They’re also scalable at a much lower cost, since add-ons can be integrated easily when using a cloud-based phone system.

It’s convenient

One of the most appealing reasons to use a hosted PBX system for your law firm is that it is convenient. In fast-paced sector such as law, where time sensitivity is often key, a convenient communications system can make all the difference. With hosted PBX, you avoid the installation and maintenance hassle of other phone systems. PBX phone systems are cloud-based, so your phone system will be accessible from anywhere. This is a huge benefit for an increasingly mobile workforce; this is particularly true in the legal sector where client visits, off-site meetings and courtroom time is necessary.

You gain access to advanced features

A Unified Communications (UC) platform, such as those offered by 3CX, are perfect for law firms. For example, 3CX V16 features CRM integration and allows you to access crucial client and stakeholder communication records at the click of a button.  Features such as Microsoft Office 365 integration are perfect for perfect for any office. With 3CX Enterprise edition, you can enjoy constant uptime – meaning you’ll never miss a crucial call to downtime.

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