PBX Hosting is pleased to announce the brand new PBX Hosting Portal as a new feature to our already exciting and comprehensive hosting platform. The PBX Hosting portal is an exclusive feature of the PBX Hosting offering, which allows the channel partner greater visibility and more control over their IP Telecoms estate. Our channel partner program is already a resounding success, having enabled hundreds of UK telecoms providers to offer a fully-functioning, managed service-backed, feature-rich product that is hosted in tier 3+ datacentres, meaning that networks are monitored around the clock, making them amongst the most reliable in the UK. Now, with our brand new PBX Hosting Portal as part of the package, customers can expect even more functionality from this already high-value service.

What Does The New Portal Do?

Many things. Firstly, the portal will enable anyone to essentially become a telecommunications company. Users will be able to bill their customers without having to invest in any further software, other than an accounting package. Secondly, the portal enables online Number Porting with full progress reporting. This is an extremely beneficial feature, as it will save considerable time, money and resources on manual scanning and faxing etc. for the channel partner. Thirdly, the channel partner will have greater visibility and more control over their IP telecoms assets. From the home page, users will be presented with comprehensive visualisations of call details – these include inbound calls per hour, outbound calls per hour, and a geographical breakdown of calls made and received by both number of calls and number of minutes spent on each call. There is also a direct dial-in (DDI) section that allows users to allocate numbers, search for available DDIs by location or dial code, update DDI information, as well as submit location data to emergency services.

Is It Easy To Use?

Yes. The PBX Hosting Portal is a one-stop porting portal, where channel partners can easily submit ports, and from there track the progress of each port online. Channel partners will also have a complete overview of all ports in progress as well as completed ports. The billing section of the portal allows channel partners to keep track of their monthly bills. Itemised call bills for individual clients can be viewed, and channel partners have the ability to search between billing periods to access all billing information. Furthermore, there is also the functionality to create client logins and apply call cost markups. This enables clients to have easy, one-click access to real-time billing, as well as access to the bill with the channel partner’s markup applied. It’s also possible to download billing data in either PDF format to send directly to clients, or in CSV format to use with your own billing software. Finally, there is also a rates section, where the buy rate can be looked up for any destination.

Bolstering An Already Highly Valuable Package

partner program Our hosted PBX offering is state of the art, enterprise grade and hosted on one of the most resilient IP comms networks that the UK has to offer. On top of the new PBX Hosting Portal, for a fixed monthly fee our customers receive the following:

Conference Facilities

Customers and staff can collaborate seamlessly with fully professional conference facilities. Easily set up conference rooms or enable 3-way conferencing from the headset or soft phone.

Call Recording

By simply dialling a code during a phone conversation, calls can be recorded. Alternatively, a Unified API request can do the same thing. Recordings can also be made mandatory, with an encryption option also available.

Call Screening

Filter calls by destination, all whilst complying with Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and any other local regulations. Call screening is a particularly useful feature for call centres, or other types of organisation – such as insurance or financial agencies – that deal with a high volume of incoming calls.

Visual Voicemail

Voicemail left by callers can be automatically dispatched via email, and all voicemail messages can be personalised. Users can check their messages by either logging into the web management interface, or by simply dialling in over the phone.

API Interface

The REST-based Unified API provides consistent access to call resources and operations in VoipNow SPE. It allows you to control telephony-related features such as real-time management of phone calls, collecting information on history calls etc.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

pbx partner reseller telecoms Create complex auto-attendant voice menus for use in multiple contexts with various actions and options. Integrate IVR with other applications using the Call Interactive Action of the Unified API.

Copy And Paste Auto-Provisioning

User extension details – name, email address etc. – can simply be copied to any handset in the company for it to be completely provisioned for use.

Intelligent Call Queues

Distribute calls to agents intelligently using a number of pre-defined algorithms, enforce SLAs and view detailed statistics on agents’ performance and call statistics. Allow agents to log in to the queues from analogue and IP extensions. Get in touch with us here at PBX Hosting to see how our hosting offering can benefit your organization today.

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