We’re proud to fully stock and support Yealink’s new T5 phone collection

At PBX Hosting, we’re excited to be fully stocking and supporting the new T5 phone collection from Yealink, featuring their flagship video phones. The T5 collection serves as a response to changing and increasing marketplace demands. The multifunctional business phone series provides a personalised and collaborative user experience, which allows for flexibility and agile communication.

What are the benefits of Yealink’s new T5 collection?

Enhanced design – the new phone series boasts ergonomic designs for comfort and ease of use.
Fully adjustable HD screens – the T5 phones are fitted with fully adjustable HD screens with larger LCD displays. These ensure a brilliant visual experience regardless of your height, sitting position or office lighting.
Yealink Acoustic Shield technology – the phones have full support of Yealink’s exclusive Acoustic Shield. This technology dramatically reduces any outside noise and improves sound quality.
Fully supported wireless communication – the phones feature advanced built-in bluetooth and wireless technology, allowing you to commute through wireless headsets and synchronised mobile devices.
Yealink V40 Video Conferencing Solutions

Introducing the game-changing video conferencing V40 solution from Yealink

The market leaders in voIP have also launched V40 – an upgraded edition of their flagship video phone and video conferencing solutions. The V40 upgrade enhances all of Yealink’s video conferencing solutions (VC200 / VC500 / VC800 / VC880).

How can Yealink V40 improve your video communications?

The V40 upgrade has an impressive range of collaborative features including:
Electronic whiteboard
Annotation functions on shared content
Touchscreen interopability
Multi-screen interaction
These impressive visual collaboration features are enhanced by the support of Yealink’s VCM34 HCD microphone. This state of the art audio feature promises a clear line of communication with attributes including:
6m 360 ° voice pick-up
Noise-proof technology
Dual ethernet ports – this allows for the microphone to be connected to a video conferencing system as well as joining a daisy-chain of up to 4 additional microphones for full scalability.

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