No matter where you are, what the weather is like or what time it is, hosted 3CX can keep your business moving, even in the snow!

Hosted 3CX is changing the future of cloud communications.

3CX is a state of the art Unified Communication platform that can be installed on any device such as a laptop, mobile, tablet and a desktop phone. With this integration of a softphone, users can automatically get access to all their contacts and work remotely with ease. Your Business will never miss a call! Did you know? People who work from home have an easier time managing a work-life balance, which ensures they have a healthier lifestyle and your staff retainment will be much greater. Here is some further benefits of working from home. Click Here For More Information. Working offices aren’t same as they were decades ago. When staff members leave the office that doesn’t mean work has to end. Changing your business phone system to 3CX will mean productivity and managing calls away from the office would still be the same as if the person were present. Hosted 3CX allows users to be placed in call queues and manage their incoming and outbound calls as normal. Users can either be at home, on the road or stuck in public transport and will still be able to receive calls. By simply installing the 3CX smartphone app, your smartphone becomes your office desktop phone. The user will be able to see who is present in the office and already on a call, access all contacts, schedule conferences, retrieve voicemails and instant chat with other team members. PBX Hosting are Platinum Partners for Hosted 3CX. We are here to help you will any telephony requirements your business may have.

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