Cisco SPA 122 ATA with Router


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Cisco Small Business SPA122 ATA (UK variant) -2 FXS Ports, LAN/WAN (10/100mb) The Cisco SPA122 is a 2-Port Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) which is easy to install and use, the SPA122 works over an IP network to connect existing analogue phones and fax machines to a VoIP service provider. This 2-Port adaptor offers the benefits of high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) without the need to upgrade your existing analogue phones to IP phones. The Cisco SPA122 also features one fast Ethernet WAN port, and one fast Ethernet LAN port for a local home or business network connection. The Cisco SPA122 is compact in design and compatible with international voice and data standards. It can be used with residential, home-office, and small-business-VoIP service offerings, including full-featured IP Centrex environments.

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