PBX Hosting is proud to announce that it has achieved official Hosted PBX provider for 3CX https://www.3cx.com/partners/hosted-pbx-providers/uk/. By becoming a hosting partner for 3CX, PBX Hosting had to demonstrate and achieve a set of criteria set out by 3CX that only a select few providers have reached in the UK. PBX Hosting are able provide you with a managed hosted instance of 3CX, which means that we will install, manage and support the hosted PBX for you.

3CX is designed to run in the cloud as a Hosted PBX. PBX Hosting will host your instance of 3CX on its state of the art infrastructure based in Telehouse, London. If you choose 3CX’s award winning Phone System as a Hosted PBX you will immediately be able to slash travel and telecommunications costs by up to 80%. You will be able to boost your companies productivity with CRM integration and advanced Unified Communications features and gain mobility using 3CX’s advanced smartphone apps. With the 3CX Hosted PBX offering you can get 3CX in the cloud, and save on initial hardware, licensing, setup and maintenance costs.

Andy Wiranata, Telecommunications Manager, Holiday Palace Casino:    

“A hosted virtual PBX from 3CX gives us the solution we need without the headaches of maintaining the underlying equipment ourselves. And being able to have a central phone system no matter where we are is endlessly convenient.”


Why choose PBX Hosting as your 3CX provider?

PBX Hosting is a Gold Partner of 3CX and only sells the most up to date version of 3CX (currently v15.5). This means that we are able to offer pre-sales advice to customers as well as having a proven track record of selling 3CX licences and the knowledge and expertise of hosting, configuring and troubleshooting the system. PBX Hosting hosts its services in the biggest and most reliable data centres in the UK. The hub of the infrastructure being based in Telehouse, London Docklands. Telehouse is the heart of the UK’s Telecommunications network and a Tier 3, Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant data centre. Being in Telehouse enables us to have direct connections to all the major networks in the UK and Internationally. For you, this means crystal clear, reliable phone calls with an automatic failover and disaster recovery in place in the unlikely event of an outage. If you are interested in discussing 3CX further with our sales team then please call 0207 0999 930, or to find out more about 3CX please visit our website. https://www.pbxhosting.co.uk/why-3cx/

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