PBX Hosting is the ideal base to offer numbering services to your clients. We currently host numbers for PBX provider’s, call centres and many more ITSP’s. Full redundancy in primary POPs give you total piece of mind.

Our easy to use White Labelled Numbering Portal will allow you to search for numbers or area codes, once a desired number or numbers are found you can hold them while you offer them to your customers.

If you want a selection of numbers to offer your client, use the search function and select the numbers and area codes you wish to hold. Once your client has chosen, you can simply select the DDI from your list of held numbers and this will be assigned to your PBX or SIP Trunk.

Full UK Wide Numbering Services
We have full UK coverage for local numbering and also a full range of NGN’s (non geographical numbers) with revenue sharing. We also offer freephone and memorable gold numbering.
HD Voice
Where capable, PBX Hosting can offer full HD Voice with G.722, AMR-WB and G.711.1 on all inbound traffic.
Numbering API or Web based provisioning
Allocate your numbers via our custom API that will allow auto provisioning or use our web based control panel. Either method will allow you to forward numbers to SIP, PSTN or Fax.
Unlimited Incoming Calls
We do not charge for incoming calls on any of our DDI numbers allowing you to send as many calls as needed.

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