Our custom created hosting environment is based in Telehouse, London Docklands, the main peering hub for International and UK ISP’s and Telecommunications Providers.

How exactly does this benefit you as a Service Provider? By basing your PBX Hosting with us all major ISPs and carriers are a short hop away enabling easy interconnects and peering.

We have Network peering agreements and direct Interconnects with all of the major UK Internet Service Providers, being in Telehouse makes this easy and highly cost effective meaning regardless of who you partner with for your Internet Connectivity / MPLS or leased lines, chances are we will already have a Direct or near Direct connection to them.

Isolated Vlans & Dedicated Bandwidth
Regardless of which service you take with PBX Hosting we isolate your server, VAS Cloud or Dedicated PBX up to the routers edge and ensure you have dedicated fully burstable bandwidth.
Secure Communications
For customers who require a higher level of security, our experienced network team can help to configure VPNs between customer sites and your cloud PBX to ensure that your call traffic never flows unencrypted over the public internet and where necessary help you to achieve full PCI-DSS compliance.
Static IP Addressing
All our connections come with static IP addresses as standard to enable us to secure your PBX to the highest levels. We can also provide IP subnets to customers who have requirements for more than 1 IP address.
Reliable Connectivity
From the ground up our network and infrastructure is designed with HA and failover in mind, ensuring there are no single points of failure throughout either the network or our Enterprise VMWare infrastructure.

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