Compliant Call Recording

PBX Hosting can offer your business a range of cloud call recording solutions that will ensure that your business can capture all calls while also remaining compliant with industry regulations. Call recording that is done correctly is an extremely powerful product that has the capability for settling disputes and confirming information.

Our call recording solution provides all the functionality you would need for a business telecoms solution. You will easily have the ability to search and categorise recordings based on time/date, in or outgoing phone number, agent extension, timestamp, recording duration and much more.

Some notable features include:

• 100 percent call capture
• Live monitoring
• On-demand recording
• Multi-tenancy
• Multi-site recording
• Call tagging
• Audit trail
• Call exporting

• Media manager with granular media files relocation
and retention rules
• User interface via secure browser log-in
• OWASP Level 2 verified by an established
third-party security consulting company
• Flexible cloud-based storage
• File portability for off-site long-term storage
• Elastic licensing model

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